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How Gluten Affects Your Skin

  • Posted on May 22, 2014 at 10:34 am

Establishing a proper diet means responding to what your body needs to take and what your body has to avoid. For most people, gluten is a regular part of their diet and can cause no problems at all. To some gluten can mean some discomfort such as an acne outbreak. To a small but not to be neglected number of people gluten can lead to a life threatening ordeal. Here is a look at gluten, its effects on your skin and how to go without it.

Gluten free tortilla

gluten-free wrap

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein that is found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. It binds dough together giving it its elasticity and chewiness. It is the glue that binds these grain products together. It can easily be found in most meals since a lot of food items contain gluten. Aside from bread, gluten can also be found in other everyday products such as beer, ice cream and even in condiments such as soy sauce and ketchup.

Gluten as an allergen

Food that may be healthy for one person can be harmful to another. Diet, after all, needs to be tailor-fitted based on the needs of the individual. While most people unknowingly consume gluten without incident, there are individuals that may experience adverse reactions to it.

A small fraction of the world’s population suffers from a serious ailment called Celiac disease. It is estimated that 1 in every 133 people have the disease. Celiac disease is an extreme aversion to gluten that includes symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating and weight loss.

Gluten can also trigger adverse reactions even to those without Celiac disease. Some individuals are more sensitive to gluten. This happens when the body views gluten as an allergen and triggers an allergic reaction such as inflammation.

Gluten and your skin

It needs to be stressed that not everyone is allergic to gluten. However, to those who are sensitive to gluten, they may suffer symptoms such as redness, puffiness and irritation. Intake of gluten can lead to skin issues such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. Skin problems are caused by a number of factors and gluten can be one of its allergy triggers.

Going gluten free

Gluten exists in many day to day food items. It is almost impossible to go through a usual meal without having part of it that contains gluten. To answer the struggles some individuals have with gluten intake, most grocers now carry gluten free substitutes for bread, beer and other items. Gluten free tortilla and gluten free wraps are popular examples of options easily found in most shopping aisles. Being a meal in itself, gluten free tortillas and similar food items make it possible for people deciding to go gluten free to not feel like they are missing out. The availability and easy access to these food choices gives people with Celiac disease and those sensitive to gluten the option to eat healthy without it feeling like a difficult ordeal.




Gluten free wrap possibility for every meal

  • Posted on April 28, 2014 at 11:58 am

Most people think that eating gluten free food means eating boring food but that is far from the case. In fact, I have been using gluten free wraps along with a few other gluten free options to start introducing a bit of variety and excitement to my meal plan. I found these great gluten free wraps out of a company in Colorado who will send the wraps to you. This is pretty awesome since I greatly doubt that any of the grocery stores around my area would sell something like this. The gluten free wraps also come in a few different flavors so they can work with almost anything. I have been experimenting a bit the last few weeks and seeing what kinds of ingredients I can put with what kind of wrap and what comes out. All of the different kinds of gluten free wraps can be used for almost anything but I think after a bit of experimentation I have found a favorite option for each of the different kinds of wraps. For me, the agave grain wraps are my favorite for breakfast foods. Gluten free wrapsOne of my main go tos for the agave flavored gluten free wraps are peanut butter, banana and honey roll ups. These are great because not only are they incredibly healthy and packed with energy from the peanut butter and banana, but they are also really easy to take around with you. You just spread all of the ingredients over the wrap and then roll it up and put it in a plastic bag or container. I take these to work a lot when I don’t have a lot of time to eat breakfast at home or when I know I will be out for a while and will probably want a snack. The next kind of gluten free wrap that I really like is the spinach garlic variety. These are typically my go to lunch wrap. They are really great with a number of different vegetables and a protein source. This is more the typical wrap recipe but since you can put any number of hundreds of different kinds of ingredients in there it is so easy to keep it switched up and interesting. Every time I make a gluten free wrap with one of these I just find a bunch of different things I already have in my fridge and try something new, they are almost always amazing. The last kind of gluten free wraps are the chimaya red chile which I always use for Mexican dishes. They are absolutely perfect to use for things like enchiladas or burritos because they aid to that extra kick of spice that is expected in Mexican food. I didn’t realize this before I wrote out my favorite options for each of these wraps but it seems that I really do have a great balance of a favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner use for each of these wraps. I tend to not encourage eating too much of one thing but it seems I could really eat one of these things every day and still have lots more ideas for new food experiments.

There are ways to Make Gluten Free Tortillas and other Products, Provided the Right Ingredients are Used.

  • Posted on March 31, 2014 at 1:33 pm

gluten free tortillasThe way in which people think about food has changed a lot in recent years.  Just a couple of decades ago, no one thought twice about buying mass produced, processed food products.  Nowadays, many people are making an effort to be much more aware of what goes into their food products.  A big part of this is the result of the large number of people who have developed food sensitivities or allergies because of all the processed and genetically modified food products in our diets.  One of the most common food sensitivities is gluten sensitivity.  Gluten is a substance that is found in wheat and other grains.  Although it is not bad for you, in theory, if you are gluten sensitive, it is very bad for you and causes severe symptoms.  Because wheat is found in seemingly everything, it can be difficult for gluten sensitive people to eat their favorite foods.  Luckily, there are ways to make gluten free tortillas and other products, provided you use the right ingredients.  Since wheat is the primary culprit, when it comes to gluten, companies that make gluten free products try to find ways to avoid using wheat.  This sounds easy, but wheat truly does go in countless different food products.  Not to mention the fact that gluten is also present in some other grains, such as barely.  This means that even beer is off limits for the gluten sensitive, yikes!  I have seen gluten free beers being sold in stores before, though I have never tasted one myself and have no idea what goes into them.  In the case of a gluten free bread product, such as a gluten free tortilla or flatbread, they usually manage to avoid wheat and barley by relying on other grains.  There are many different grains in the world, and many of them have similar properties to wheat, except they do not have gluten.  Most gluten free breads and tortillas are made using these grains.  The wonderful thing about gluten free tortillas and breads is that they open the door to limitless food possibilities.  A flatbread can be a burrito, a sandwich, or even a pizza, if need be.  This freedom can make a gluten free diet significantly less restrictive.  Of course, most people that give up gluten do so because is is necessary, as they have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.  Celiac disease is a disease in which the patient is intolerant to gluten and will undergo severe symptoms if gluten is ingested.  Celiac disease is much more serious than simply being gluten sensitive.  Gluten sensitivity mainly causes physical discomfort, whereas celiac disease can lead to more severe complications.  Nonetheless, some people give up gluten, even though they are not gluten sensitive.  More research needs to be done, in order to know whether or not giving up gluten is good for everyone.  Nonetheless, more and more gluten free options are available, to accommodate the growing demand.  More and more cafes and restaurants are beginning to serve gluten free wraps and sandwiches.

Many Stores Carry Gluten Free Tortillas.

  • Posted on March 26, 2014 at 12:31 pm

gluten free tortillasThe food industry is changing to meet the new demands that consumers today have.  For one thing, a scant couple of decades ago, people paid little attention to the ingredients in their food products.  Mass produced, highly processed food was all the rage, and few people new to avoid it.  Nowadays, more people are educated about what goes into their food, and this is a good thing.  Because of increased demand for more natural products, we now have more healthy and natural products.  Many stores even carry gluten free tortillas.  Though gluten is not necessarily a health hazard, an increasingly large part of the population has a condition known as gluten sensitivity.  A smaller but still significant part of the population has an even more severe condition, known as celiac disease.  Both conditions cause the patient physical pain when gluten is ingested.  The biggest difference is that people with celiac disease are causing severe harm to their intestinal system, every time they eat anything with flute.  People who are merely gluten sensitive mostly just experience physical discomfort.  Because of this large portion of the population, more and more companies have begun manufacturing gluten free food products.  Of course, the biggest impediment to this is the fact that gluten is found in wheat, and wheat is used in countless different kinds of food.  Because wheat is a staple ingredient in so many kinds of food, especially breads, gluten sensitive people have to avoid major staples in the American diet.  Of course, there are some exceptions, to this, such as a gluten free tortilla or flatbread.  Gluten free bread products are interesting because they cannot contain any actual wheat.  Instead, they are usually made using various other grains and ingredients.  Though wheat and some other grains contain gluten, there are plenty of other grains that do not.  If you are a creative cook, you can learn to avoid gluten in your cooking.  With things like gluten free tortillas and gluten free pastas, you can still enjoy most of the recipes that you used to love.  People who are gluten sensitive are not in as dire of a situation, food-wise, as they might think.  Since there are so many people with that specific sensitivity, countless companies have jumped on the bandwagon and are working to come up with all sorts of gluten free food products.  Because gluten is present in barely, it is also present in beer.  Luckily for gluten sensitive beer drinkers, there are also gluten free beers, though I do not know what grain they are made from.  In short, being gluten sensitive does restrict your diet, but it does not need to limit your diet as much as you may think.  As long as you are smart about what goes into your food and where you buy your food products, you should be able to eat a balanced diet that is free of gluten.  Plus, many of your favorites are still on the menu.  You can even order gluten free wraps, so you do not need to give up sandwiches altogether.

I Needed To Find A Gluten Free Wrap Option That Worked For Us

  • Posted on February 28, 2014 at 11:10 am

I woke up to the sound of the sprinklers coming on in the front yard and the neighbors dog barking over the fence. I got up and looked out the window and it looked like it was going to be another beautiful day, I looked at the clock and saw that it was just after 8:30 and I typically liked to start working by 10 so I was actually already ahead of schedule. I’d finally secured the investment capital that I needed to launch my sandwich shop concept and now they needed a menu that we could design our kitchen around. My vision for this concept was a fresh, modern, healthy take on sandwiches and wraps where we picked our battles with calories wisely. I didn’t want to skimp on cheese, in terms of quality, I wanted finally shredded cheese for the wraps and then very thinly sliced cheeses for the sandwiches. With cheese, it was more about coverage than anything else so as long as you could manage to even barely cover the surface area of a slice of bread, then the flavor of the cheese is in every bite and that is the point. Another thing that I wasn’t willing to bend on was our mayonnaise, we were going to make it in-house and the same concept will be used with our mayo as our cheese; it’s all about coverage. Sure cheese and mayo are generally considered healthy things but like everything else in this world, everything in moderation. This general rule of thumb even applies to your sandwiches and wraps, eat a little cheese and some mayo in small quantities, you only need so much of these things to get the flavor you’re looking for anyway.gluten free wrap

We also wanted to provide a gluten-free option for each and every one of our sandwiches by offering them as a wrap by using a gluten free tortilla. The problem that we were encountering with all of the gluten free tortillas that we were testing out there was that they weren’t very pliable and seemed to fall apart pretty easily. This seemed to be universal with the gluten free products we’d experimented with and was proving to be a real challenge trying to find one that we could offer as an option and feel proud of. Gluten free wraps were going to be a good seller but we couldn’t offer just anything, it had to be the right product and it had to have a little more durability than we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. We thought about doing a gluten free bread option as well but ultimately decided that we were going to focus on finding the right tortillas before we moved onto other potential headaches that we weren’t prepared for. A gluten free wrap option would be just fine and we’d offer an alternating selection of healthy, grainy bread options. I thought about making a wrap with pesto aioli, roasted and marinated red peppers, artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, red onions, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, sprouts, feta and oregano and it sounded absolutely delicious.

There Are Endless Possibilities When You Eat A Sandwich Petals Gluten Free Tortilla

  • Posted on January 30, 2014 at 9:19 am

gluten free tortilla Cooking is such an important part of our culture, and with the onslaught of the fast food chain industry as well as restaurants on every corner in almost every city it can often be tempting to not cook at home. Also, with Americans as well as people all over North America and the world, getting busier and busier by the day, it seems that people have lost a sense of what it means to cook at home. Now, not everyone has lost this obviously, and there are still so many people that cook at home every single day whether it be just for themselves or for their friends or for their families and there are companies that are making great tasting healthy foods to help you cook at home. One of these companies is Sandwich Petals which is a company that has been baking gluten free wraps and gluten free tortillas for their customers to use at home. Gluten is a protein composite that has been used in a lot of foods for years and years and recently research has showed that it is not the best ingredient to consume in large amounts and it has been shown that a lot of human beings are actually allergic and intolerant to gluten. The name gluten comes from the latin word for “glue’ and it is added to a lot of different foods that have wheat in them as a binder or, for example, to help bread rise. It is not only found in breads though, and is often added to foods that do not need it. According to research about 1 in 133 people are gluten intolerant or have a sever allergy to it, and therefore more and more people have committed to eating a completely gluten free diet. This can prove a little challenging, however, as so many foods do include gluten, such as bread and crackers and anything that is containing wheat or barley. The good news is, though, that there are now more companies that are creating gluten free foods that are similar to their gluten filled counterparts so that people do not have to completely give up eating things such as flat breads and tortillas. Sandwich Petals is a company that makes healthy gluten free wraps and gluten free tortillas that come in three unique and interesting flavors so that people who need to, or just want to, eat gluten free can enjoy wraps and tortillas. There is really no reason that anyone should have to give up eating foods such as wraps and tortillas and bread because they are unable to digest gluten and that is why companies like Sandwich Petals have dedicated their business to making great tasting alternatives to traditional foods that contain gluten. There are obviously some foods that will need to be given up in order to maintain a gluten free diet and lifestyle but there is no need to sacrifice taste for health especially when there are products like Sandwich Petals gluten free wraps and gluten free tortillas.

Gluten Free Wraps Do Not Have To Be Boring

  • Posted on January 26, 2014 at 10:18 am

gluten free wrapsWhen it comes to following a gluten free lifestyle and died a lot of people may struggle with finding foods that are both healthy and gluten free as well as flavorful and great tasting. Sandwich Petals is a company that is making gluten free wraps and gluten free tortillas from great healthy ingredients and they have accomplished something that not a lot of gluten free food companies have, and that is making a product that is gluten free but not boring or lacking in taste.

The gluten free wraps that Sandwich Petals offers to its customers come in three distinct flavors. These flavors are agave grain, spinach garlic, and chimaya red chile and they are all unique and interesting and are sure to delight your taste buds. These flavors are so unique and versatile that you can almost literally create anything with them so that you and the people that you are cooking for will not even notice that they are gluten free and healthy. These gluten wraps are great for all types of sandwiches and roll ups and you can put any type of meats and cheeses and veggies in them for an easy and simple and great tasting healthy meal. Not only does Sandwich Petals offer great wraps and flat breads that are gluten free but also gluten free tortillas that are easy to use when cooking enchiladas and burritos and anything else. The flavors of these wraps are great so that you do not have to feel like you are eating something that is bland and boring. There are a variety of different gluten free products and gluten free foods that are out there on the market today, but you will be hard pressed to find ones that compare the ones that Sandwich Petals is making. There are not a lot of brans of gluten free tortillas and gluten free wraps that are offered in the unique and interesting flavors that Sandwich Petals create. Most of the competing gluten free tortillas and gluten free wraps that you will find in the grocery store or your local market will be gluten free but they will most likely not come in flavors like agave grain, spinach garlic, and chimaya chile. These three flavors are completely and utterly unique to the Sandwich Petals brand of gluten free flat breads and gluten free tortillas and gluten free wraps.

Gluten free eating is not simply and dietary choice but it can also be a lifestyle adjustment. There are so many common and everyday foods that have gluten in them that it can be hard to find foods that do not contain the composite protein. There is absolutely no need to give up all of your favorite foods when you are eating gluten free though, because there are great food products being made by great companies that are committed to the gluten free way of life and Sandwich Petals is one of them. When it comes to baking flavor filled gluten free tortillas and gluten free wraps Sandwich Petals is a company that knows what they are doing.

How gluten free tortillas saved my skin

  • Posted on December 31, 2013 at 11:56 am

I am one of those toe heads.  I have bleach blond hair, pasty white skin, and blue eyes.  Most of my life, I have been made fun of for my appearance, which some people liken to an albino.  This never really bothered me because my mom did a really good job of creating a strong sense of self esteem in me at an early age.  By the time I was in college, girls started to thing that my Northern European heritage was actually attractive.  But, at about the time that I was finally being accepted for my looks, something happened that challenged even my strong sense of self esteem.  I started getting red blotches of skin all over my body.  I didn’t know what to do.  As crazy as it may seem, gluten free tortillas were the thing that saved me.  My skin has always been dry and irritable.  In college, that irritability turned my skin red.  I went to see several doctors who referred me to several dermatologists and I never got a positive diagnosis.  There are a lot of skin diseases that create the red splotches that I had, but everyone assured me that I had none of those.  Despite that, I tried out a lot of medications that were for those diseases.  Nothing helped.  My condition got worse.  My window of sexual attraction to women was short.  Once again people made fun of me based on my appearance.  This time around it was different.  Despite the lessons that my mother taught me about my own self worth, I wasn’t able to stop the feeling of disgust that I had about my own body.  I ride bikes as a hobby.  It keeps me lean and it’s fun.  The only down side to cycling is the silly clothes that everyone wears.  I, especially, don’t like wearing the bike kits because they expose my legs, which is where my red splotches are the worst.  But it was a fellow cyclist that saw my condition one day that suggested that the issue might be diet.  I had never thought in that way before.  He said that he had had an issue similar to mine and as result changed his diet.  To his surprise, his skin cleared up.  Not only that, he gained more energy.  The culprit was gluten.  Gluten is a protein complex that is found in wheat.  So he gave up wheat.  I took his advice and gave it a try.  I was desperate.  At first, the hardest thing was figuring what to eat.  I am busy, so I always ate on the run, which meant sandwiches.  Without bread, I had to find a new way to eat on the run.  That’s where gluten free tortillas come in.  I started eating wraps for pretty much every meal.  After several months on the diet, my skin started to get better.  As you can imagine, I was ecstatic.  Once again, woman look at me with eyes of attraction.  And it’s all thanks to gluten free tortillas.

Gluten free tortillas CAN be delicious

  • Posted on November 30, 2013 at 2:07 pm

gluten free wraps

If I were to say “gluten free wraps” you might envision a taste-less, bland dry product that offers nothing more than shelter for the ingredients it is wrapped around. It might as well just be a piece of paper as far as you are concerned because I already know what you are picturing it to taste like. You are having a vision of yourself in church about to receive communion and put that dry piece of bread wafer in your mouth. All I can say to that is: WRONG! I can tell just from your reaction to the words “gluten free” that you have never tried a Sandwich Petal gluten free wrap before. If you had you would know that these wraps are as tasty and as fresh as any others on the market. Sometimes I like to play games with my guests and serve them products they claim to not like just to see if it’s true or not. Last month during the super bowl I made snacks with mushrooms in them to see if any of the known mushroom haters in the group would notice. Guess what? The entire dish was eaten by half time and I didn’t get a single question or sideways look when they were eating it. This week I will essentially be trying the same thing but with gluten free tortillas during taco night instead of the regular flour ones I usually cook with. I am willing to bet that after dinner tonight no one will have asked a single question about the wraps.

Think gluten free wraps have no taste? Think again.

  • Posted on November 24, 2013 at 8:04 am

I can almost hear the moans and groans now as I prepare to talk about these amazing gluten free wraps that I just bought from the grocery store. Every time I try to tell someone who isn’t allergic to gluten about a new product I am excited for, they always dismiss it as gross or disgusting long before they even hear me out. I see a lot of eye rolling and I hear a lot of the same comments about why I can’t just eat wheat like everyone else and “gosh, doesn’t that taste like cardboard?”. No, in fact I enjoy delicious foods just like the rest of you might, I don’t pretend to have an allergy just because I like the attention, wheat actually makes me feel sick. And I wouldn’t eat things that taste like cardboard just for the heck of it. The only reason I go on hunts to find new products that fit within my diet is because for the longest time when the market for gluten free products was small I had to endure many a dinner that was less than amazing. Now that it seems everyone has an allergy to gluten there are many more products than there ever were and it really helps out when I go grocery shopping. The other day I discovered these gluten free tortillas by chance so I picked them up for taco dinner that night. My husband wasn’t with me when I purchased them so he was completely unaware that these were ‘special’ tortillas of mine and he loved them!

gluten wraps